New Book For Parents Of 15/16 Year Olds Making The Leap From School, To College Or 6th Form

Here’s How To Give Your Teen A Significant Advantage Over Their Fellow Students That'll Make The Other Parents Totally Jealous…

Use This Breakthrough Method To Support & Guide Your Teen Step By Step To Stress Free Study Success Regardless Of Whether They’re Homeschooled, Taught Online Or Sit In A Real Classroom.

This Book Will Show You How.


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From the desk of Michael Tipper

The Cotswolds ,UK

Dear Parent,

The move your teen is about to make or has recently made is another example of just how quickly they're growing up.

It can be a stressful and challenging time.

The jump from the style of education your teen received up until they were 16 to the one they'll experience when they go on to college or 6th form is a big one.

Up to this point they've have been spoon fed in their schooling.

Now they've got to take more responsibility for their learning.

It's a big step with its own problems and pitfalls.

What if you could set your teenager up for absolute success in this new stage of their education so they achieve the best grades possible in those career-defining exams looming on the horizon? 


If the answer is yes, here’s the secret:

Do Something About Their Stress, Stop Them Leaving Things To The Last Minute Or Pulling All Night Revision Sessions And Remove The  Struggle They Have To Remember Everything...

It’s About Equipping Them With The Skills To Be An Effective Learner

A Story About A Teenager Like Yours

Here's how that worked for a teenager in a similar situation to yours.

12 months ago a 16 year old student named Hannah from Brisbane in Australia was struggling at school.   

Hannah was having challenges with exam anxiety and was stressed out about her performance in a new and highly competitive school environment.   

She didn’t know how to revise and prepare for her exams.  She struggled to recall what she was studying and was worried she had problems with her memory.

Hannah’s parents were just as worried she wasn’t going to do as well in her exams as they knew she could.

They could see she was working very long hours but she appeared to be working inefficiently and ineffectively.

More importantly, they could see the toll this was taking on Hannah and were concerned about the impact on her health and well being.

Today things are very different for Hannah.

She's now calm and relaxed about her studies.  Even though the pressure of work has increased from last year, now she has the ability to control her stress and anxiety.

Her confidence in doing well in her final exams is through the roof and already she’s jumped 2 grades in her hardest and least favourite subject.

Hannah is now well organised and has a suite of tools and techniques she’s willingly become skilled at to study and learn every topic presented to her.

Exams are no longer a challenge for her.  She even enjoys them - they’re an opportunity for her to show just how much she knows.

Her parents are delighted with the changes they’ve seen in Hannah in such a short space of time.

The Difference?

The first thing Hannah did was learn to manage her physical, mental and emotional state when under pressure.

Having got stress management under her belt, she then focused on developing a study success mindset to give her the right attitude to approach her studies.

Now calm and relaxed but highly motivated and focused, she built up powerful learning strategies step by step.

Hannah developed the skills to successfully deploy something called Leveraged Layered Learning.

This is the main mechanism of The Unfair Student Advantage, a revolutionary way of developing the study skills to turn “ordinary” students into Peak Performance Pupils.

This Method Really Works

Obviously I can’t promise you’ll read this book and be able to replicate Hannah’s results for your teen.  I can give you exactly what to do but it does take work, discipline and persistence to put these things into practice.  

Some teens just want an easy life and are happy to settle for whatever results the bare minimum can give them.  Unfortunately for them, there’s no magic pill or quick fix

But the approach laid out in this book really does work.  And not just for Hannah.

Here's Why I Wrote This Book

I wrote this book to fill a gap in the current education system.

It’s not a new gap.  It’s been there ever since the first adult sat a child on a stone, drew a picture of a sabre tooth tiger on the wall of the cave and told them to beware.

It was there when I went through my schooling many years ago. 

In fact that gap very nearly cost me a chance at my first career.   Ironically it’s now responsible for my current career as I help parents help their teens bridge that gap..

So what’s the gap?

Well it’s buried in the belief you might have that a school is a place of learning.  Let me shake the foundations of that belief a little when I tell you this:

Your teen's school is NOT a place of learning.

What Do You Mean My Teen's School Is Not A Place Of Learning?

That might sound like an odd thing to say - “School is not for learning!” - so bear with me as I explain.   

It’s completely understandable to mistake the collection of buildings you send your teenager to 5 days a week, 3 terms a year, as an environment for learning.  

Sure, there are teachers and classrooms with desks and chairs, lots of textbooks, plenty of paper and pens and maybe even a few computers to use.  

The other parents must think it’s a place of learning as well because they send their kids there too.  

It looks like a school…it sounds like a school….so it must be a school.

...and don’t kids get to learn when they’re at school?

No, they don’t.

Despite what the education system tells you, a school is not a learning environment.  

Their websites and glossy brochures proclaim they’re all about learning, but they’re not…

...because first and foremost, a school is a TEACHING environment. 

The role of the school is to teach pupils information.   

Their primary aim is to get each cohort of  kids through that year’s curriculum.  

Their job is to teach the content their administrative authorities deem necessary for the kids to walk away with relevant qualifications.   

So the school environment is set up to make the teaching of that content as slick as possible.

The School's Focus Is TEACHING,  It's Your Teen's Responsibility To Do The LEARNING

Teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin we call “education".  

But the school’s priority is only to keep the TEACHING side of that coin shiny.  

It’s up to your teen to polish the other side with the activity called LEARNING.  

That’s your teen’s responsibility, not the school’s.

Unfortunately the school’s focus on teaching is usually at the cost of learning.  

Don't believe me?

How much time is spent giving your teen the skills to learn?

If they had one lesson a term during their 11-16 school years, that would be less than 1.3% of their schooling.  

In my experience of going into schools and delivering this sort of training, they don’t even get that.  

I was being generous because it might only be 1 lesson over that entire 5 years which equates to 0.1% of their education in that time.

That’s the importance the school system places on the skills to consume what they’re pumping into classrooms every single lesson.

Learning how to learn warrants less than one tenth of one percent of the school’s time.

That’s the gap that threatens the success of every child entering the school system today, including your teen.

Here's What This Book Will Do For You

This book fills that gap and helps you help your teen take back control of their education.

It shows you how to equip them with:

The ability to stay calm and relaxed while the other students are freaking out over the pressure of their workload and the stress of exams.
An attitude of focussed success to overcome the inevitable challenges they’ll face.
The skills to learn, remember and recall anything and everything they’re studying.

DISCLAIMER: I have to tell you the book is aimed at parents who are willing to invest the time and energy into helping their teen develop the skills to thrive at school.  Just reading this book will tell you exactly what you and your teen will need to do.  But then you’ve actually got to go and do it.  
Don’t buy this book if you don’t think you’ll follow through on putting it into action.  Fortunately it’s written to make that as easy as possible for you to implement everything you’ll discover inside.

For those who are willing to put in what’s required, I can show you how to help your teen:

Manage any stress and anxiety they have about workload and exams. 
Become more organised, disciplined and focused about their school work.
Develop a great attitude about learning and their ability to deal with challenges.
Be able to learn, remember and recall anything they want for as long as they want.

Get The Complete Guide To Equipping Your Teen With All They Need To Thrive In The Next Stage Of Their Education

The book I have for sale is called 

How To Give Your Teen An Unfair Student Advantage - The Step By Step Guide To Stress Free Study Success.

It is a step by step guide for parents to help their teens develop the vital learning skills the education system doesn’t have the time to give them.

You can buy it if you want it.

It’s only £4.99.

If you like it, maybe you’ll become a client and have me work directly with your teen.

Or not.

Either way, it’s a good book that outlines everything you need to work with your teen to give them an advantage the other students just won’t have.  

In such a competitive world, that may well be the edge they’ll need to get ahead.    

Some might say that’s an Unfair Advantage.

Hey! That’s life.

Success belongs to those who see an opportunity and then take it.

Here's What's Inside This Book

It’s a fully illustrated 257 page book with 16 chapters and jam packed full of practical ideas you can help your teen implement to give them an Unfair Student Advantage.


Chapter 1:  Who This Book Is For - Parents Eager To Support Their Teens During The Defining Years Of Their Education

The Unfair Student Advantage your teen already has before you even start helping them apply what's in this book (page 1).
The two beliefs to have that make this book perfect for your teen (page 2).
The seafarers' mantra that make this book applicable to your teen regardless of how well they're doing right now (page 3).
The edge this book will give your teen even if they're already doing really well at school or college (page 3).
Why your teen thinking they might have a bad memory is normal and how this book can help (page 4).

Chapter 2:  How You Can Get The Most Out Of This Book To Help Your Teen

Why it's called The Unfair Student Advantage and how it will benefit you and your teen (page 7).
How your brain chemistry will fool you into NOT applying what you discover in this book and what you can do to overcome that (page 11). 
The simple 3 step process for you to speed read the book and begin applying it immediately (page 12). 

Chapter 3:  My Story - If I Can Do It, So Can Your Teen.

How as a teenager I struggled with exams because I thought I had a poor memory (page 19).
The chance encounter that helped me to discover there was nothing wrong with my memory (page 20) .
The learning secrets I discovered that propelled me to a successful academic and then professional career (page 22). 
How someone who thought he had a bad memory went on to win the silver medal at the World Memory Championships (page 25).
Why I'm now so passionate about helping teens like yours develop their ability to learn remember and recall anything they want, even if they don't believe they can (page 26)

SECTION 1 - Why Teens Need This Help & What Happens When They Get It

Chapter 4:  The Many Challenges Teens Have To Overcome At School & College

The shocking truth about the school system the education authorities don't want you or your teen to know (page 32).
What teachers are actually doing at the front of the classroom that gets in the way of your teenager's learning (page 33).
Why expert teachers are not good for your teenager to learn from (page 36).
Why last minute cramming seems like a good idea but is actually the source of the biggest hurdle your teen has to overcome to realise their full potential (page 39).
The big mistake every average student makes that will forever keep them at or below average (page 40).
Why you can NEVER really appreciate the challenges your teen faces at school, even if they go to the same one you went to as a teen (page 42).
The real problem your teen has to overcome that gets in the way of their learning, their self esteem and their health and well being...and what to do about it (page 44).
A quick questionnaire for you to take to raise your awareness of just how stressed your teenager might be (page 46).
An equally quick self assessment your teen can take to gauge just how stressed they might be right now (page 48).
Why the humble goldfish may be better equipped to focus than you or your teenager and how this may actually help them if they study in the Unfair Student Advantage way (page 50).
The likely reason your teen might think they have a poor memory and why they're completely wrong (page 57).

Chapter 5:  Three Case Studies

The one simple shift I helped a 16 year old lad make that helped him unlock his memory and begin to recall staggering of information amounts he knew he'd learnt but thought he couldn't remember (page 62).
The simple yet powerful technique I gave to a bright, hardworking 15 year old girl that gave her an edge resulting in 9 A* grades at GCSE, 3 A's at A Level and the opportunity to study medicine at university where's she's still using it now (page 64) .
How an overwhelmed and stressed out 17 year old Australian girl who didn't know how to prepare for exams shocked her parents by raising her results by 2 grades in her worst subject and became completely calm and relaxed despite the pressure she was under (page 70).

SECTION 2 - The First Dominoes To Topple - When Your Teenager Gets These Right, The Rest Is Easy

Chapter 6:  Achieving Calm - How Your Teen Can Stay Calm & Relaxed Under The Pressure, Stress & Anxiety Of School Work & Exams

Why it's important to focus on "Calm & Relaxation" and not "Stress & Anxiety" (page 83).
The added learning benefit your teen will gain when they learn to get and stay calm & relaxed (page 84). 
What's going on in your teen's brain when they are stressed.  When they understand this, everything about managing their stress and anxiety drops into place and becomes so much easier (page 86).
A simple, quick and incredibly powerful technique your teen can do anywhere, at any time to induce a deep state of calm, regardless of what's going on around them (page 89).
The step by step guide for you to teach your teen this powerful calm inducing technique (page 91).
An ingenious plan to help your teen develop using this calming technique as a habit (page 92).
Why the way your teen currently breathes sets them up for stress and anxiety and what they should do instead to induce prolonged relaxation (page 94).
An easy way for you to teach this breathing technique to your teen (page 96).
How your teen can make this relaxing way of breathing a habit (page 96),
The simple two word technique that'll have your teen automatically implement the calming and relaxing techniques whenever they're faced with a potentially stressful situation (page 97).
A step by step action plan for you to take to help your teen understand, implement and practice the skills of becoming and staying calm and relaxed (page 99).

Chapter 7:  Because Mindset Matters - How Your Teen Can Think Like A Peak Performance Pupil To Rise Above Their Peers

Revealed - why success is a numbers game and what numbers should you and your teen be focusing on (page 101). 
The unique 10 word, 20 letter sentence that sums up exactly how your teen needs to approach their studies if they're going to be successful (page 102).
The biggest mistake parents make when having an accountability conversation with their teen, and what to do instead (page 104).
The Staircase With 4 Steps - the mindset shift you and your teen will need to make so you both take the ideas in the book and actually use them (page 106).
The two 'D Words" crucial to make everything in this book work for your teen (page 108).
How you can become the main drug dealer for your teenager's feel good brain chemistry so they become addicted to studying (page 109). [NOTE - This is possibly the most powerful parenting technique I've ever seen]
The ground breaking research that dramatically changed my approach to how I think about my learning and how it can benefit you and your teen too (page 111).
How the way you and your teen approaches 5 simple words will dictate how well you'll both develop the skills outlined in this book (page 113).
Exactly what you need to praise to encourage your teen to do well - and it's probably not what you might think (page 114).
The Cycle of Success used by the world's top performers and how you and your teen can use it too (page 116).
A story about the best way your teen can plan their week.  If this doesn't help them understand the importance of planning, nothing will (page 120).
The step by step process for you to help your teen develop their planning skills so they'll become far more organised and begin to take ownership of their studies (page 121).  [NOTE - See Bonus #7]
The biggest factor influencing your teen's self image, identity and beliefs and how they can take control of it so that influence is POSITIVE and moves them closer to their goals (page 122). [NOTE - see Bonus #6]

SECTION 3 - The Unfair Student Advantage System - A Multi-Layered Approach To Learning Designed With The Brain In Mind

Chapter 8:  5 Powerful Principles & 1 Meaty Mechanism - The Science & Psychology Behind This Powerful Approach

How an IKEA shopping experience relates to helping your teen develop their learning skills (page 131).
Why it's important to get your teen's heart and head right first before they dive deep into developing their study skills (page 134).
The biggest discovery in neuroscience of the recent years and how that's important for your teen as they learn and develop their abilities to learn (page 135).
My motorbike adventure story that demonstrates anyone can learn any new skill regardless of their age (page 136). 
The HUGE shift your teen has to make about how they view their efforts vs time for them to get better results with much less stress (page 138). 
The lesson from Gold Medal Winning Olympic cyclists that'll make it so much easier for your teen to develop the sophisticated learning strategies that'll make a difference to how they learn, remember and recall (page 139). 
The 180 degree, full reversal about turn your teen will have to make about how they use their memory so the knowledge they absorb not only stays in, but can be recalled quickly and easily at will (page 141).
Leveraged Layered Learning - the meaty mechanism at the foundation of the Unfair Student Advantage.  What it is and how your teen will implement it (page 144).

Chapter 9:  Layer 1 - Gather - Getting Your Teen Organised

Answered - the age old question about whether your teen should copy out their notes again to help them learn. This may not be the answer you expect (page 151).
The three step process your teen MUST take with their notes they gather or they'll risk losing any learning benefit they gained whilst gathering them (page 152).
The exact strategy the most successful students use to organised their notes that saves them time and heartache when they need to revise (page 153).
Your step by step plan to help your teen get completely organised (page 155).

Chapter 10:  Layer 2 - Structure - Begin Laying The Foundations Of Long Term Recall

A simple daily 5 minute habit that will lay down the foundations of long term memory and recall of whatever it is your teen has covered in class that day (page 158).
The brain friendly tool your teen can use to structure the framework of what they're learning (page 158)
How and when to ask the "Structure Power Question" to strengthen your teen's memory and recall of information they've only just learnt in class. (page 161). 
Where to find free software to implement the structure layer for all your teen's devices so they'll be able to lay down this important foundational layer anytime and anywhere (page 162).
A simple 3 step plan to help you help your teen develop this layer as a habit (page 164).

Chapter 11:  Layer 3 - Activate - How To Get Your Teen’s Neurons Firing Every Day

Why leaving "mental loops" open in your teen's mind is such a problem for their focus, concentration, learning  and overall thinking ability and what to do about them instead (page 168).
What happens when your teen DOESN'T Activate - this explains why teenagers are so stressed when it comes to exam time (page 170).
Why it's important for your teen to "seed" core ideas every day by activating them in a particular way (page 172).
The benefits of your teen testing their own knowledge of what they've learnt and the most efficient and effective way of doing that (page 173).
The stunning Field Of Wheat analogy that helps your teen understand why they forget information so quickly and what they can do about it (page 174).
Exactly how often your teen should Activate to embed ideas into their long term memory so they can recall them FOREVER (page 175).
How your teen can use their smartphone so there's really no excuse not to Activate - includes which App to use to get amazing recall results tailored to your teen's abilities (page 179).
The Simple Secret To Successful Activation - how as little as 5 minutes a day can make a HUGE difference (page 180).
The two mental obstacles to overcome when Activating, and how to overcome them (page 181).
Your Activation Action Plan to help your teen understand and then develop the ACTIVATION Habit (page 182).

Chapter 12:  Layer 4 - Understand - Getting Your Teen To Think DEEPLY About What They’re Learning

Why the way the education system has taught your teen to write is the very thing that prevents them from applying meaningful thought when they take notes (page 186).
The difference between gathering CONTENT and capturing MEANING - what it means for your teen and which one they should choose (page 187).
How to use the most powerful learning and thinking tool ever invented for students like your teen (page 188).
The only way to get your teen to think more deeply without getting them to think about it (page 191).
Why picking and capturing keywords instead of copying entire paragraphs of text when taking notes makes your teen an effective and efficient learner (page 192). 
How your teen can remember more information for much longer by doing less work - includes an actual video demonstration so they can experience it for themselves (page 193). 
The problem with how your teen has been taught to read for learning and what they should do instead (page 194).
A step by step process to help you help your teen develop deep levels of understanding and recall by taking notes in the most brain friendly and efficient way (page 199).
Your 7 step plan to help your teen develop the UNDERSTAND layer as a habit (page 200).

Chapter 13:  Layer 5 - Learn - How Your Teen Can Embed New Knowledge Into Long Term Memory

The foolproof way to install large amounts of information into long term memory so your teen can recall it AND understands it completely too (page 204).  
The simple yet profound recall strategy that turns conventional learning on its head but outperforms it by every measure you can think of (page 207) .
Your personal action plan to help your teen develop the skills necessary for the LEARN layer of the Unfair Student Advantage (page 209).

Chapter 14:  Layer 6 - Remember - How Your Teen Can Benefit From The World’s Oldest Memory Technique

Why your teen needs a handful of memory techniques (some would call them tricks) to add to their learning toolbox (page 212).
The shocking truth revealed - why what you think are memory problems for you and your teen have nothing to do with your memory (page 214).
A simple 9 step Rapid Memory Improvement Course - this is for you AND your teen (page 216).
How memory techniques work - the main idea behind every technique used by competitors in the World Memory Championships (page 217).
The Secret Formula For Memory Success - this is the secret that took me from thinking I had a bad memory to winning the silver medal at the World Memory Championships (page 219).
The world's oldest, most flexible and powerful memory technique - what it is, how it works and how your teen can use it too (page 221).
Results of research carried out to test just how effective this memory technique is (page 221).
The 5 step process for your teen to put the world's most flexible memory technique to work for them (page 224).
Other memory techniques your teen can use (page 228).
You action plan to help you help your teen develop the skills to be able to REMEMBER anything they choose to (page 229).

Chapter 15:  Layer 7 - Revise - How Your Teen Can Prepare For Exams Efficiently, Effectively So They Can Remember & Recall All They Need To Know.

Illustrated - exactly what it means for your teenager to their revision effort when they apply each of the previous layers for their learning (page 233). 
The Revision Conundrum - why a reliance on short term memory leaves many students wrongly believing last minute cramming is their only revision strategy (page 236).
The Perfect Study Hour - the building block of every successful revision plan - what it is and how to use it (page 238).
How your teen can incorporate all the previous layers to successfully revise for any exam (page 241).
Why learning is only half the battle for effective revision, and what else needs to be done as well (page 243).
The most overlooked revision strategy I've ever seen - If your teen is not doing this then they (and you) will kick themselves for not thinking of it before (page 244).
Your step by step process to help your teen create an effective and efficient revision plan (page 245).

Chapter 16:  What Else You Can Do For Your Teen - Top Tips For Creating The Right Learning Environment At Home

The first question to ask your teen before even considering offering to help them (page 250).
How to incorporate family commitments into your teen's revision plan so they fit in neatly with everything your teen plans to do (page 251).
What a perfect home study environment looks like and how to create one for your teen (page 252). 
The simple things you can do to safeguard and promote your teens health and well being during an extended period of exam preparation and revision (page 252).
How to make your teen's life easier when they're revising, but not at the expense of the other family members (page 253).
The importance of setting up a behaviour contract with them - one that works both ways (page 253).
And finally...perhaps the most important thing you as a parent can do for your teen throughout the trials and tribulations of them studying and preparing for important exams (page 254). 

Get The Book Now + All 7 Bonuses Worth £549

For Just £4.99

You'll receive How To Give Your Teen An Unfair Student Advantage - The Step By Step Guide To Stress Free Study Success digital book and all of the included bonuses (17 videos)

This Method Works Even If Your Teen Thinks They Have A Bad Memory

I’ve spent years teaching people how to improve how they use their memory.

And I’ve lost count of the number of times people complain they have a bad one.

Usually there’s nothing wrong with their memory.

They’ve just not been taught how to use it properly.

That was the case for me too when years ago I was on the verge of failing some important exams.

Because I struggle to remember, I thought I had a bad memory.

Until I discovered there was nothing wrong with it - I just didn’t know how to use it.

Once I did, there was no stopping me.

It’s the same with your teen.

They may have written off any hopes of doing really well in their exams because they struggle to remember things.  Or they might even think they have a bad memory.

But that’s because they’ve not been taught how to learn or how to use their memory.

That’s the gap in the education system this book is designed to fill.

Once they know how to learn, even when the pressure is on, they’ll not only fly, they’ll soar.

It Works Even If Your Teen Is Already Doing Well

The approach is also perfect for bright and hardworking students.

Many are destined to do well because of their intelligence and their work ethic.

They can benefit from this knowledge too.

Helping them apply what’s in this book will make them more efficient in how they learn, giving them more time to excel in other things too.

They’ll be less stressed which can only be good for their health and well being.

They’ll apply more of themselves to the work they do meaning they’ll more likely shine against their peers.

But perhaps more importantly, parents are often the last to know when their teen is struggling, especially if they’ve historically done well.

High performing teens like that are often the last to ask for the help they need.

Giving them an Unfair Student Advantage may well be the support and the breathing space they need right now to sustain their track record without burning themselves out.

The Approach Is Perfect For The Average Student Just Getting By

And then there’s the plodder.

The average student who doesn’t struggle but who’s rarely at the top of the class either.

Helping them develop an Unfair Student Advantage may well be the spark that’ll ignite the genius in them they’ve kept hidden for so long.

The young people I’ve given an Unfair Student Advantage to are often amazed by what they’re capable of.

When they see what’s possible for them, progress and development can become addictive. 

There’s something quite magical about seeing their confidence grow when they surprise themselves with what they can do.

This Is Just The Right Method If You Think Your Teen Is Too Stressed To Take On Anything Else Right Now

Stress and anxiety are the biggest challenges facing teens in schools and colleges today.

Whilst there are many different causes - the workload, the pressure of exams, social media, troubles at home etc etc, the impact is the same.

Stress impairs their ability to think about, learn, remember and recall information.

Over the long term it can affect their mental health and wellbeing and lead to all sorts of dark places if not dealt with early enough.

The last thing an already overwhelmed and stressed out teen wants is to have to develop new skills.

That’s why stress is the very first thing I have you work on with your teen when you read the book and start implementing its guidance.

In fact, being able to develop resilience and deal with stress and anxiety are so important for your teen I’ve made them the starting point for the book.

I even consulted some of the UK's leading experts to provide additional bonuses to support the book in these important areas.

This Is Exactly The Right Book To Buy If You're Really Busy & Don't Have Enough Time

I’ve written this book to help parents like you help teens like yours.

It’s about getting your teen to do the right things in the right way to get the right results.

But they have to do all the work.

You can’t do it for them.

Your role in their development is to act as a guide to point them in the right direction (as advised by the book).

All you’ll need to do is help them start the journey, keep them accountable for what they say they’re going to do and positively reinforce them for their effort.

You’ve likely been doing that for them for years already as their parent.

So you’ve already got the skills, you’re just going to use them in a different context.

Once you get started with this, you’ll realise how addictive it is to see your teen develop new behaviours that become habits and then grow into skills.

And then who knows what great things you’ll be able to achieve between you?

That’s why I’m so excited to be sharing this book, and its bonuses with you today!

So Act Now 
And Get All of These 7 Bonuses For FREE…

Bonus #1:
Expert Interview 1 - Help Your Teen Control Their Stress

Value £67

This interview covers:

  • What stress is and why it happens. 

  • What happens in the body and brain when your teen gets stressed.

  • The difference between positive and negative stress.

  • Why managing stress is so important for your teen's mental well being.

  • The four areas everyone has problems with that cause them stress.

  • The three core responses to stress.

  • How to differentiate between the symptoms of stress from the causes of stress.

  • Why we all have the ability to return to a calm state after being stressed.

  • The important difference between stress and anxiety.

  • Why anxiety is a recognised mental health condition and stress is not.

  • The three types of stress your teen might be experiencing.

  • Typical causes of teenage student stress.

  • What to look for in your teen to work out if they're stressed.

  • How young people are demographic reporting the most levels of stress.

  • How to support your teen if you think they're suffering from stress.

  • The biggest mistake many parents make when trying to help their stressed out teen.

  • How to get your teen to open up to you.

  • Why Ches goes out of his way NOT to give advice to his clients who are stressed.

  • The difference between focusing on what you DON'T want vs what you DO want.

  • Ches's simple but powerful top tip of what your teen can do to control their stress.

This interview was with the amazing Ches Moulton aka " The Stress Master".

An executive coach, qualified psychotherapist and hypnotherapist and corporate trainer, Ches has been helping people deal with stress for over 25 years.  

The author of two books "Choice and Change - How to Have A Healthy Relationship with Ourselves and Others" and his most recent one "How to Get Control Of Your Stress Instead of Stress Controlling You", he is considered by many to be the UK's leading authority on stress.

 He makes the bold claim that he will " you get control of your stress once and for all". 

Bonus #2:
Expert Interview 2 - Help Your Teen Deal With Anxiety

Value £67

This interview covers:

  • How your teen needs to understand they already have the resources to deal with their anxiety. 

  • How to think about your ability to deal with stress as a combination of an oak tree and a palm tree.

  • The similarity between stress and excitement.

  • How the choice of words your teen makes will affect their level of anxiety.

  • The one thing your teen has complete control over that will affect how they deal with anxiety.

  • The problems of not managing stress and anxiety.

  • What to notice about your teen's self talk that has a significant impact on how they feel.

  • Why the cause of your teen's stress could well be the solution to it too.

  • A simple exercise your teen can do to help them understand how they're contributing to their stress.

  • The connection between your brain and body and how to use it to reduce your anxiety.

  • How one student applied a very simple technique to deal with exam stress and passed with flying colours.

  • How your teen's well meaning survival mechanism is responsible for being stressed and anxious.

  • Why it's important to include exercise to help fortify your teen against stress and anxiety.

  • Generational anxiety - why you might actually be the cause of your teen's anxiety.

  • The important age bracket where your children are most susceptible to parental influence.

  • What to look for to see if you're the cause of your teen's anxiety.

  • A simple habit to do for 5 minutes in the morning and evening that'll help reduce anxiety.

  • The importance of gratitude in helping reduce anxiety.

  • How to support your teen so their anxiety is minimised under the pressure of school workload.

  • When to seek professional help to support your teen in dealing with anxiety.

  • Demonstration of a really powerful technique to help your teen boost their inner resources.

  • The number one thing you and your teen should monitor as a way of managing their anxiety.

  • And much much more...

This interview was with the amazing Dr Lizzy Bernthal.

With over 25 years service with the British Army and NHS as a health professional including her role as global head of nursing for the International Committee of Military Medicine, she has literally been on the front line of some of the most significant developments in both military and civilian healthcare of recent years.

When she wasn't helping change the face of military medicine, she was busy teaching others to do the same as a highly regarded research fellow, educator and coach.  In 2017 she was awarded Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy for her contribution to higher education globally.

Now having left the Army she is now a highly sought after executive resilience coach helping leaders find their own voice and discover their awesomeness within so they can soar.

Bonus #3:
Expert Interview 3 - Help Your Teen Develop Resilience

Value £97

Discover an 8 step process for helping develop resilience in your teen.  This bonus includes a full interview explaining the technique and then 8 separate videos to explain this step.  This process has never before been released on video.

This interview was with the ever joyful Vanda North. 

An international speaker, serial entrepreneur, TV and Radio Presenter and author of many books, she circumvents the globe about every 18 months as she travels the world spreading her message.

The Author of Mind Chi, How To Rewire Your Brain In 8 Minutes A Day,  she specialises in developing resilience in people working in companies and teams who suffer from stress and burnout.

She's led a remarkable life and brings all her experiences to continually make a positive impact in the lives of those she works with. 

These experiences include having run a deep sea fishing company, having an American TV show on happiness and wellness, and running a canteen for one of the NASA space programmes.

Bonus #4:
Expert Interview 4 - A Powerful But Simple Calming Technique For Students

Value £77

An interview and demonstration about a simple yet extremely powerful technique that instantly induces calming and relaxing brain wave frequencies.  

This last interview was done with an under the radar expert in helping people of all ages find their way through anxiety, fear and stress.

He agreed to do the interview as long as he could remain anonymous.  The reason is he willingly shared an underground technique currently taking the world of stress and anxiety management by storm.  Only a handful of select practitioners  can teach and demonstrate this technique.   

He agreed to share it, but only behind closed doors to customers who have access to the private membership area for this book.  It also has a powerful trauma healing benefit which our underground expert explains in this interview.

Bonus #5:
Expert Interview 5 - Mindset Masterclass

Value £197

This interview covers:

  • How your teen can develop a study success mindset. 

  • The importance of attitude vs skills.

  • How your teen can define their success.

  • Holding your teen accountable.

  • The impact of beliefs on your teen’s success.

  • And much much more...

A 3 Video, 90 min deep dive into the mindset secrets of the most successful students with Gavin Ingham,  one of the UK’s leading motivational and peak performance coaches and speakers.  

Described by the brilliant Brian Tracy as one of the top motivational coaches in the UK, he has personally worked with over 250,000 people delivering over 2000 paid presentations around the world. 

His IAM10 methodology has helped thousands of professionals become peak performers.

Today when he is not helping business leaders or inspiring others to peak performance you’ll find him either with his kids, half way up a tree or eating ice cream.

You can watch the videos or download the mp3s to listen to at your convenience

Bonus #6:
Self Talk Affirmations For Study Success

Value £27

A set of proven positive statements to help your teen begin to programme their subconscious and shape their identity and self image for ultimate study success:

  • Staying Calm And Relaxed

  • Being A Successful Peak Performance Pupil

  • Making  Studying For Exams Easy - Powerful & Impactful Revision

These statements support Mindset Matter #5 - Talk A Good Game, in Chapter 2 of the book.

Bonus #7:
Study Success Weekly Planning Template

Value £17

A practical template your teen can use to help them get the most out of their studies and activities every week.  This template helps implement Mindset Matter #4 - Plan The Work & Work The Plan, in Chapter 2 of the book.

"I Love This Book"

The guidance is clear and really easy to follow. The step by step process really helps parents support their teens to gain an “unfair” advantage.  Chapter 6 is all about “calm” and helped reduce my stress massively too.

Michael has had huge success helping teens unlock what they have learned but just couldn’t recall.  Check out his case study on Dan in Chapter 5.  

This book is an absolute must read if you have a teen (in fact any child!) about to start working towards sitting their exams."

Simon Chaplin

Parent, Author, Managing Director

"I Wish I'd Had This Book"

"Having struggled at school myself and yet somehow ended up as a city lawyer and then helped my daughters who had similar struggles and yet ended up as professional with 2 degrees each, I wish this book had been around to make the journey easier when each of us was learning how to negotiate school, college and university. 

The key distinction is the difference between what is taught and what is learnt and this book gives you and your teen a very simple system Leveraged, Layered Learning together with the mindset and encouragement to gain the advantage and achieve their potential in learning and in life!"

Jane Gunn

Parent, Author, Lawyer and Mediator
AKA The Barefoot Mediator

"Full Of Practical Tips"

"A refreshingly clear book that does what it says on the tin. Free of the usual patronising guff of similar books, it offers practical tools, tips, techniques and ideas.  Every great teacher will have a copy of this book (but probably keep it hidden out of view).

 Michael has a lovely energy for his subject that stops this being a book about cramming (and we don’t need another one of those).  Surprisingly this book is not (just) about passing exams; it is about an approach and philosophy to life!

I suspect your teen will thank you for buying this book. Maybe not now but when they are ready.

Robert Craven

Parent, Author, International Business Speaker & Business Growth Consultant

"Buy This Book"

"If you love your teenager, you'll buy a copy of How To Give Your Teen An Unfair Student Advantage and work through it.  The suggestions are simple, yet brilliant."

Daniel Barnett

Parent, Barrister and presenter on LBC Radio

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P.S. Recap of this ultra-long page for those who hate reading:

1. I’ve developed a proven system for giving students an Unfair Advantage over their peers by giving them powerful skills to learn anything they have to study.  The education system doesn’t (for some inexplicable reason) teach these to your teen so this system fills that gap.

2. The book specifically helps the parents of teenagers making the jump from school to college or 6th form.  It explains step by step how to support their teen in developing these skills.  It's exactly the same way I do it when I personally work with teenagers .

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4.  Also, if you buy the book today I’ll toss in 7 extra bonuses.  Four from 4 of the leading stress, anxiety and resilience experts in the UK to help you and your teen manage stress and get into a deep state of calm and relaxation whenever you choose.  There’s another from one of the UK’s leading motivational experts to help your teen develop the right mindset for success.  And then there’s two from me to help your teen develop a study success self image and to plan their week effectively and put what they learn into action

5. You can try the book and the bonuses for 1 full year.  If you don’t like them for whatever crazy reason, I’ll refund you the £4.99

About The Author

Michael Tipper

When he was a teenager Michael Tipper thought he had a bad memory and very nearly got kicked out of the Navy because he was struggling with exams.  A chance encounter with an ad for a memory course in the Sunday papers led him to discover there was nothing wrong with his memory.  He just didn’t know how to use it.

Shocked that the education system didn’t teach him how to learn, he developed a passion for improving his own skills and went on to win the Silver Medal in the World Memory Championships.

After a successful career in the Royal Navy he decided to play his part in filling the study skills gap in the education system.  Pioneering delivering large seminars to teenage audiences he’s personally worked with over 100,000 young people.   Learning programmes he’s developed have been delivered to over 2 million students across the UK and Europe.

Michael Tipper is now an award winning international speaker, author, trainer and coach who’s been helping people develop their learning skills for over 20 years.  His 5 books on memory and learning have been published in 7 different languages.

When he’s not writing books or helping people develop their skills, Michael’s interests include salsa dancing, learning to play blues guitar, improv & stand up comedy.  Health is his primary value and so he regularly meditates, practices yoga and the Wim Hof method, eats well and takes frequent cold showers.

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